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As the warm, organic almost comforting sound on Wish You Were Here is a powerful contrast to Roger’s lyrics about alienation and psychological absence, Animals is a throughout cold and sterile album underlining some of the most aggressive lyrics Roger has ever written.Animals and perhaps Dogs in particular includes some of David’s most untypical and innovative work.In past articles we’ve looked at classic Floyd songs like Echoes and Comfortably Numb, which both are favourites to many and the essence of David’s tone from two eras.Still, the song that brings out the enthusiastic grin on most of us is of course Dogs.On 1974-75 live performances the Telecaster had a Gibson PAF pickup in neck position that was later replaced with a Seymour Duncan custom Telecaster pickup for the Animals tour.

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It was also around this time when David and Phil started tracking down vintage guitars, some of which are still in David’s possession today like the ’55 Fender Esquire (as seen on the About Face cover), the #0001 Strat and the ’58 Gretsch Duo Jet (last used on Where We Start studio and live versions).This only strengthens the aggressive feel of the album and David’s playing cuts through the mix like a sharp knife running right through your spine.

You get in the shower with him in a completely nonsexual way just because you're late for work.… continue reading »

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She strongly feels that these problems also affected the sexual relationship with her lesbian companion. Leading media scholars provide the historical and cultural context for exploring the implications of these new representations for political and cultural meanings. Accompanied by her long time friend, Sweet Baby J'ai, Bobbie takes us on a trip down a very steamy memory lane, through photographs and vivid memories of many decades living her life as an out lesbian in New York City and Los Angeles. DVD X7077 A conversation with Brian Mc Naught: syndicated columnist, author, counselor, and lecturer. DVD 5093 Filmmaker Joe Wilson returns to his hometown of Oil City, Pa., after the appearance of his same-sex wedding announcement in his small hometown newspaper causes controversy, and he receives a plea for help from the mother of a gay teen who is being tormented in school. The result is a film which examines our own complicity in this struggle. The film is geared toward at-risk youth across the world, as well as their families, friends, and teachers. DVD X9156 Five individuals make the courageous and life-altering decision to come out as a lesbian, gay, or transgender, after the age of 55. And what was the turning point that caused each of them to openly declare their sexuality? Executive producer, Peter Adair; producer, Nancy Adair; director, Andrew Brown. In: Between the sheets, in the streets : queer, lesbian, and gay documentary / Chris Holmlund and Cynthia Fuchs, editors. U63 1997) A video autobiography that dares much and bares all, with intimate scenes of loving that range from friendship to marriage to brief encounters of the passionate kind. Individuals from such diverse origins as Japanese, Bolivian, and Cherokee; as well as religions such as Mormon, Catholic, Hindus and others share intimate accounts of how their children revealed that they're homosexual and discuss their responses. This program is devoted to these articulate couples who celebrate their bond solemnly.c1991. … continue reading »

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